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Practice Information


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The Chronic Stress and Trauma Coaching Program was created from Katie seeing some individuals were craving MORE than the traditional once a week talk therapy session.  Coaching is for individuals craving more education and understanding about their survival responses, accountability, Somatic and/or EMDR work, support between sessions, and specific focused goals. Coaching is for individuals who seek knowledge and understanding of their mind-body connection, want real-time support (not having to catch up at the next session), and have specific focused goals. Do you hear yourself saying, "I get it, I am stuck in trauma/chronic stress.. lets do something about it." The focus is education, empowerment, and encouragement!

Katie offers 1:1 Trauma and Chronic Stress Coaching. This is hybrid (virtual and in-person). Coaching allows for care to be provided across the US and Internationally. 



  • Emotional Discomfort and Life-enhancing Focus

  • Variety of Mind-Body techniques offered

  • Education Focused & Goal Oriented Interventions

  • 24/7 access to your Trauma and Chronic Stress Coaching

  • Upfront Pricing so you know what your treatment will cost

  • Unmatched level of accountability and support between sessions

  • Sessions will not be cut off due to insurance so guaranteed continual of care.

  • Can be from all over the world

  • Custom plan designed just for you.

  • Mind-Body Connection understanding and support

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Mental Health Therapy

  • Mental Health significantly and chronically impacting daily function

  • Use of CBT, DBT, TF-CBT, Mindfulness, ACT, & EMDR

  • Treatment of Mental Health

  • Receive a Formal Diagnosis and use Insurance

  • 1:1 session 60 minute session once a week

  • Must be in Connecticut

  • Therapist practice within insurance guidelines

  • Driven by insurance billing

  • Possible Surprise cost 30-365 days later after insurance adjustments

  • No connection between your therapist between sessions

Please Note:

We do not work with Court Mandated cases, cases related to court or DCF Cases.

We do not write letters or offer phone call follow ups for court cases or lawyers.

We do not write letters or phone calls for probation/bail/court liaisons.

We do not complete Social Disability paperwork.

We do not complete letters for ESA.

We do not work with Workman's Comp Cases.

We do not work with EAP Benefits.

We refer out for treatment of Substance Use and Personality Disorders.

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