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Katie O'Leary, LPC

 "I'm not the monk on the mountain, I am in the trenches with you." - Seerut K. Chawla MDACP

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My Story

Currently Accepting new clients for 1:1 Trauma and Chronic Stress Coaching.

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No longer accepting clients for Therapy


I recognized my passion in becoming a Mental Health Practitioner when I lived in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was working at a YMCA after a devastating earthquake. Through many interactions, I became interested in how trauma/chronic stress impacts the body AND the mind. I gained an understanding that healing is a continual process and BOTH the body and mind need to be engaged. ​Returning to the States, I studied Holistic Counseling at Salve Regina University. Both the medical AND the holistic model pertaining to mental health was taught and discussed. Here, my fascination grew in understanding the mind-body connection in regard to trauma, chronic illness, and chronic stress. I continued studying yoga, meditation, mindfulness, medical model practices, different spiritual practices, connection with nature, nutrition, neurotransmitters, hormones, digestion, EMDR, and the power of treating oneself with compassion.  My style of care is empowerment with a side of humor... I want individuals to learn how to take care of their mind and body in relation to trauma/chronic stress and do so by education,  encouragement, and laughter.


When I am not working, I can be found in the woods with my husband, two year old daughter, and two mini-American shepherds. If I was not a Mental Health Practitioner, my dream was to be a comedian on SNL. ​




Chronic Stress
1:1 Trauma and Chronic Stress Coaching

Works with:

Adults​ (18-26 and 26+)


EMDR, Mindfulness, CBT, Yoga, Somatic

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