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Katie offers 1:1 Trauma and Chronic Stress Coaching.


Katie offers hybrid (virtual and in-person) coaching for individuals suffering from Trauma and Chronic Stress.

After being a therapist for over 7 years, Katie saw some individuals were craving MORE than the traditional once a week talk therapy session. They wanted to dive into understanding the mind-body connection, they wanted real-time support (not have to catch up at the next session), and want to feel there are goal focused outcomes. Coaching allows there to be more accountability, communication, and habit forming. Virtual coaching means individuals across the US and Internationally can engage in programming.

This is for individuals who are interested in going deeper in their mind-body connection, want to get out of the stress loop, and are ready to rewire and reset.  



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30 Day Chronic Stress Understanding

and Relief Program. 

A self guided program designed to focus on your healing journey from the beginning. Empowering you to reclaim your awareness and mindfulness while focusing on your sense of self and well-being.  

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"I often ask myself where would I be if I hadn’t experienced Katie’s depth of teaching me how to survive. Her smile, energy, enthusiasm and passion will always hold a place in my heart. She pushed me to be a better person. She didn’t only make me face my reality she helped me see trauma I never knew I had.Because of Katie, I have a new light to shine on life, and I am not afraid to step into the discomfort of the unknown."
"Katie was recommended to me by my Naturopath. I was feeling very stuck due to old issues coming back up related to previous trauma. Through Katie’s coaching program, including the use of EMDR, I was able to process the trauma in an appropriate effective manner. It’s difficult work, but Katie supported me every step of the way. I’m so grateful for the work, time, and care that Katie invested in me."
"When I first started with Katie I was in a dark place. I started to review the course and was so amazed with everything I was learning, I couldn’t believe the connection within my mind and body. I knew I needed to change, my body was suffering and my mind was in a constant spiraling survival state. With Katie’s encouragement, challenges and dedicated support, I was able to come out of my space and heal."
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