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About Oak Mountain

Oak - symbolizes inner strength & courage, wisdom, protection, recovery of self-confidence, grounded in self, wisdom.


Mountain - symbolizes spiritual or mental "rising" or improvement, overcoming obstacles, endurance, challenges, strength, seeing a different perspective.  


Oak Mountain Mental Health understands the experience and journey of overcoming the mental, physical, and spiritual obstacles that can occur in life. We are passionate about working with individuals on their journey in order to reduce shame, gain understanding, and learn how to take care of themselves. 

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Are You...

  • Feeling exhausted yet can’t sleep?

  • Using sex, drugs, alcohol, food, movies, etc. to disconnect from your thoughts and feelings?

  • Feeling like crap about oneself?

  • Blowing up in anger and feeling irritable?

  • Feeling alone, hopeless, and helpless?


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