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Our mission at Oak Mountain Mental Health is to guide individuals on their trauma healing journey, empowering them to reclaim their sense of self and well-being. Through comprehensive education on the mind-body connection, we equip individuals with the tools and understanding of their survival patterns in order to navigate the complexities of trauma recovery. We believe that connection is key to recovery; therefore fostering supportive relationships is imperative for growth and transformation. Together, we strive to cultivate resilience, promote recovery, and inspire hope for a meaningful future.

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Oak Mountain Mental Health

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Stuck living in the past?

Feeling exhausted, yet can't sleep?

Feeling like crap about yourself?

Fearful of setting boundaries and connecting with what works for you?

Feeling alone, hopeless, and helpless?

Are you...


Our Team.

A group of passionate mental health providers eager to integrate the mind-body connection into trauma, chronic stress, and anxiety treatment.

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Katie O'Leary, LPC



Erin Snelling, LMSW

Mental Health Provider

Lauren S.JPG

Lauren Gorgone, LCSW

Mental Health Provider


Katy McNicholas, ATR, LPC

Mental Health Provider


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Cynthia Lassiter, LCSW

Mental Health Provider


Kathryn Noonan, LCSW

Mental Health Provider


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